English Proofreading Services

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English Proofreading provides a one-to-one personal proofreading service to help your written text make the right impression.

In business, academic work, or when creating websites, correct, idiomatic English is essential in providing a sense of professionalism. Our English proofreading service will increase the effectiveness of your writing.

We offer two levels of proofreading service:

Basic English proofreading service - A relatively cheap process that ensures all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (including in punctuation and capital letters) are removed.

Copy editing and English proofreading service - A more detailed re-writing of your work, improving accuracy and clarity, and suggesting improvements in organisation and style. (If you are not a first language speaker of English, you will probably need this fuller service.)

Through our easy-to-use website, you will be able quickly to get a price for our English proofreading service or copyediting service. As soon as we see a sample of your writing, we will advise you which of our services is most appropriate for you, and we will estimate the full cost of improving your document to a high standard. (Our proofreading service charges are based entirely on the time taken: fewer errors to correct means lower costs.)

Our English proofreading service is quick, and done in confidence by professional editors, all of whom have honours degrees in English from U.K. universities, and many years experience of correcting writing of all kinds, and of very different standards. Thanks to the internet, their expertise is available to you at a lower cost than you might think.

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